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Crush your core and be a hero in the heat. Achieving

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Give yourself the confidence to be cheeky in the sun.

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Your summer beach body starts here!

Welcome to Summer Beach Body, we're here to help you get in shape this summer and make you feel amazing whatever your travel plans are. Check back daily for our top tips on diet, cardio and resistance training to tone up and boost your beach body confidence.

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It’s not too late to achieve your goals!

Now that summer is well and truly in sight, and with temperatures this past Bank Holiday weekend exceeding 25 Celsius in some parts of the UK, it’s time to make sure your training is on target for that summer beach body!

Not only do we have top tips on diet and nutrition, cardio and resistance training, but we’ll also make sure you’ll dazzle the crowds with 2017’s hottest beachwear for men and women!


Attack those abdominals

Despite being a muscle group like any other, many people still train abs as if they were something unique and special – focusing on high-reps and often training them daily at the end of every workout. Why though? You wouldn’t train arms or chest this way, so where is the wisdom in training abs differently? […]

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Swim your way to beach body bliss

With the temperature on the rise, now is a better time than ever to introduce swimming to your weekly training routine. It’s a well-known fact that swimming is one of – if not the – best forms of cardio training around. Not only does it work your heart and lungs, but it’s an effective full-body […]

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Women’s swimsuit styles 2017

Check out these hot summer swimsuit styles to look amazing in the sun. 1. One Shoulder The asymmetrical lines really catch the eye and will look flattering on all body types: Hollister Girls One-Shoulder Cutout £39 2. High Neck Halter This style draws attention to the shoulders and creates the appearance of a more balanced and […]

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