Cut calories the easy way

No gimmicks: just a simple solution to cutting calories and making it stick.

Let’s face it, every fitness website has an abundance of articles on “the perfect diet”, “getting shredded”, and “eating clean”, but how perfect is a diet if you can’t make it stick? The ones that really work are those you can transition in to with the minimum shock to the system, reducing the chance of failure due to craving all the things you’re not supposed to have. This is where our one step to improving your diet comes in, and the best thing is it works for everyone no matter how good or bad your current eating habits are.

One Step: replace one snack item every week

It sounds simple but it really works – I know, I’ve tried it. Take a look at your current diet and find something you eat every day (or most days) that you know isn’t really healthy: maybe it’s that 3pm chocolate bar, those lunch-time crisps or the sugar-coated morning cereal. Once you’ve found it, find something to replace it with that’s a healthier option, even if it’s still a treat. For crisps think low-fat baked options, vegetable crisps or just a smaller bag to start with. For sugary drinks go for the zero calorie version, or swap a carbonated drink for fruit juice or a flavoured water. Cereals think of wholegrain options, things like porridge or get creative with a protein fruit smoothie! Stick with the replacement for the week and know that you’ve probably saved yourself 50 – 100 calories per day!

Next week, simply repeat the process again and cut out the next worst thing you can find in your diet. By repeating this on a weekly basis you can easily reduce your daily calories by several hundred, and by making small, incremental changes to your habits it’s much easier to make it stick. The best thing about it is that once you decide you’re happy with your current diet, stop replacing things and just maintain it for as long as you like.